Saturday, 4 October 2014

How to repair a wooden door with a rotten lower cill

This will not be the same in all cases but when the lower part of this door showed signs of wet rot I removed the door, turned it over and then removed the rotten wood.

This is the door and after repair with our epoxy and a mix of micro balloons and fumed silica powders. The door has been repainted with Plascon Paints really nice oil based paint.

The rotten wood was removed from the back of the door and just up to the painted face of the door, then filled with a mix of epoxy and filler powders, then a backer of 12mm okoume marine ply offcut was clamped into place, no fasteners of any sort were used.

Works fine!

Epoxy kits can be either posted of sent by courier to you, the cost is R420.00 Vat Inc, plus post and package.


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