Saturday 4 October 2014

A quick stop leak fix on a yachts exhaust water trap

The idea was to dress the area off with epoxy and 410 gram woven 45/45 biaxial glass cloth but as soon as the leak was inspected it was clear that epoxy was not going to bond to it while still damp.

The boat needs to be in service a few hours soon, removal of the water trap was not really what was wanted, the hole is quite small, so what can we close it off with as a temporary fix?

The answer was easy tofind and already on the boat, two large stainless hose clamps were joined to make one that was larger, a spare cork sanding block was the other component, such cork is quite flexible and its also water proof.

If the leak had of been larger a second or third clamp would have been put in place.

A proper repair will be another job for the rainy days?


The run in the bay was about three hours doing around 1600 rpm , the fix worked and not a drop of water leaked out, so another dry bilge day!

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