Friday, 3 October 2014

Car wheel balance, how to do it correctly

A friend has bought a really nice all wheel drive Volvo estate, its just about perfect but in spite of having the wheels balanced twice, there continues to be a vibration between 70 to 80mph, read how the problem was solved!

Nice story.


Hi Roy,

I mentioned the other day that my wheels were out of balance in spite of me just having them done? Well, today I went to a small owner run business, just the owner and his son and they had been going for 25-years. What the son did made the other lot look like amatures.

First he took the wheels off then placed them on a rig and proceeded to dig all the small stones out of the tyre treads. Then he took a flat blade and scraped all the dry mud from the inside of the alloy wheels and there was quite a lot of this and as he said when this is wet it can put the balance right out. Then he put them on the balance machine and added weights where the laser beam told him to. I decided to have the back wheels done too and the total was 24-quid. The balance machine costs £6-grand so he has to do a lot of wheels at 6-quid a wheel to cover that price. I then took the car up the M1 and give it a blast to 90-mph and it was perfect, so a proper job done this time.


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