Thursday, 2 October 2014

Cleaning old paints off with a bead blaster

Once was the time when any paint cleaning was normally done with paint removers and  lots of down time while I waited and then had to wash clean, no longer is this the case.

A spare South African assembled 1967 Hillman Imp speedo pod, in stock and perfect for restoration.

Work completed and in the cabinet.

Inside area was also cleaned up, special attention being given to the threaded rods.

Back to new and ready for the DTM black spray painting later today.

Job has been done and it was a fine day for spraying paint. This was the first application, after which the paint was wet sanded with 600 grit fine paper before the final coats were applied.

The instrument that fits inside is special, its an export issue and in kilometers as the Hillman Californian which came off the assembly line in February 3rd 1967 in Scotland was then exported to Mozambique.


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