Sunday, 28 September 2014

Vintage and classic car restoration in Cape Town, RSA

A use for Superform bending plywood was shown to me by a customer when I was making a delivery  to him recently, the mock up of an old sports tourer had the seat buckets made from Superform bending plywood.

The car my delivery was to be used on was in much better condition and is due to be at a classic car show in just two weeks, its a Riley by the way.

Check the roll of 3mm Superform cross grain on the right, I rolled it up for ease of delivery and handling. I expect it will also be used for seats and also making light weight panels.

There are a number of these cars most just as a bare chassis, the request to CNC produce a Roadster Touring body was discussed, we would need a buyer of course, any takers out there?


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