Saturday 1 March 2014

Hard spray dodger Mk2 kit parts set.

Have you ever wondered what we may supply with the Hard Spray Dodger kit we supply?
This one is ready for collection by the customer today.

Click on the picture for a large image.

In this case its an extended roof version, the standard hard dodger roof will extend and cover the boats entire cockpit and steering wheel position. The rolled up sheet of 8mm Superform plywood becomes the roofs center core and between a top and bottom skin of 4mm okoume marine ply to BS 1088, laminated with epoxy it becomes very durable.

The rebates to take the toughened 6mm thick glass are machined as well. The two triangles fit to the front of the pair of panels right of the plywood sheet.

The epoxy, glass tapes, fumed silica , micro balloons and Dow Corning glazing sealant, plus teak grab rails are all supplied with the kit.

There are another eight sheets of plys that are not in the picture, the 6mm tempered glass will be supplied later, the templates to the glass are those brown MDF panels.

We also supply a detailed builders guide with each kit and in the case of this kit have recommended a local boat builder to do the assembly, as the boats owner does not have the time to do the work himself.


 A typical Mk 1 hard dodger made from the same CNC cut files and on a 43ft yacht., check the protection and volume it offers! The Mk2 version has a larger rear side window shape.

Shipping world wide should not be a problem as we have sent these kits to New Zealand and the USA so far.