Sunday 23 February 2014

Meet the McBride family

Some of them anyway with Barry in Hebburn on Tyne  kindly sorting out my family tree and thats bringing out some interesting facts and lost relatives, I have the oldest family picture re worked.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

The lady is my great grandmother on my dads side, the girl is his step sister Biddy and the boy is his step brother George. My great grandmother had the family name of Leech, the two children were my own grandmothers and also took the name Leach, Biddy died at the age of 16 but Uncle George went on to live to 81.

I have to assume they lived in the Tranmere / Birkenhead area on Merseyside?

The picture is dated 1918 so is now all of 96 years old!

My thanks to Norman for re working the picture for  me as it has many defects, well did do!
and my thanks to Barry who stayed up until 3am last night searching Ancestry and finding more of my past family back to 1800 ad,