Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Barlow Wadley XCR30 radio and a ferrite rod antenna?

This is an unusual topic and one I have yet to proove that the Barlow Wadley does have such an antenna.
I have found a posting that shows how to make an external ferrite rod anttena  that connects via a cable and plug.

I do not own one of these radios but did post a thread on them in 2009, a picture of a set has just come to light and its clear to me that on the one side of the PCB I can see a ferrite rod, I assume its an antenna?

Click on the picture to see more detail.

Check the horizontal black rod on the lower right with the four copper coils around it, is it connected to the vertical rod on the other side of the PCB?  The vertical is a tube and I have found does have a short ferrite rod in that to adjust the antenna with, the control is with a cable, check the 16mm  control wheels top and bottom.

My thanks for GRC for the use of this picture.

This is backed up by a vertical tube with a sliding ferrite bar in it, this tunes the antenna and has two micro switches connected to it, the lower switch looks to be connected to the horizontal ferrite rod.

Is this part of the antenna system?

Well, who can say yes or no?


This far I have found no proof that there is a ferrite rod antenna inside this set, I have found sites saying there are not though, so what does that long black bar with the copper coils on it do?

Note, thanks to a contact found through this blog, I have now purchased a Barlow Wadley and the later type with the FM button and tuner dial on the top of the radio.