Sunday 17 February 2013

Garmin 120 GPS antenna revisited

I had a recent mail about a blog posted last year.

The stick antenna on the Garmin GPS 120 I have should work it seems?

I tried it on a Garmin GPS 192C plotter with an internal antenna, that unit is a 12
channel recieve set, with the GPS 120 inside the boat I saw no fix.

But what will the result be when connected to my Garmin GPS Plus 2? that set is an 8 channel receiver,  in this case the 120 antenna worked.

The satelites are all there but only three are being worked at this time.

The signal was not that great, three bars only but as a back up and a decent way to recycle old electronics, the old Garmin 120 antenna may well be worth having on board?

Note, for this test the required BNC co-ax plus was not fitted, the center core pin only was fitted to the Garmin GPS, the signal could improove with the correct plug fitted?

With the (old) Garmin GPS 2 plus 8 channel fitted with its folding short stick antenna we do see a stronger signal and it also is working an extra satelite.

Nice when things work!