Wednesday 20 February 2013

Building Stuarts Optimist kit

Stuart works overseas but when he is back home he works on his Optimist kit again, I must say the build looks really good.

Did Stuart also take up a shares option with Record, just look at all those G clamps!

Note, you can make a decent clamp with a scrap of ply a wedge.

Our Optimist kit comes with the measuring dimensions, plus a fourteen page builders guide, which includes pictures of the various build stages. One tip is not to remove the internal and temporary ply spacers which fit fore and aft, across the width of the boat and midway of the dagger board slot. They are missing in this picture, so there is a danger that the curve of the laminated meranti may make the boat a tad narrow midships, so please leave the spacers we supply in place until both hull rails are glued in place and the glue has set.