Friday 15 February 2013

Painting Eddies Argie 10

This does look nice!

Thanks for the pictures Eddie, you should be on the water soon?

The Argie 10, designed by Dudley Dix, built by Eddie from a kit supplied by CKD Boats cc.

Eddie asked me what that half moon cut out on the transom is for?

This was my reply:

Hello Eddie,

Your pictures showed some good detail and made a nice blog addition, many thanks for them.

The notch will be for a single sculling oar, to use a single oar to go forwards you place the oar in the notch, with the blade held vertical

Then with a side to side motion you also add a twist to the action, this will move the boat forwards at quite

A decent pace, try it and see!

Nice question, also a nice blog as well.