Tuesday 12 February 2013

Andrews Tididi build progress

I have just looked at Andrews blog on his Hartley 37 build, progress indeed!


This was not one of our CNC cut kits, Andrew had hand lofted and setup the frames, then wehn the stringers and keel section was ready he came to CKD Boats cc for the plywood hull plating.

That later became epoxies and WBP plys for the interior, a very nice build process and very well done!

Andrews words:

The picture is taken from Andrews blog page.
Well she is slowly starting to look more like a yacht on the inside too. I am on a bit of a roll at the moment and seem to be able to achieve more and more in the limited time available.
The partial bulkhead on the starboard side is complete with all the necessary framing attached for the settee berth, as well as the chart table, and is ready to be fixed permanently to frame #6. The one on the port side is still to have it's framing attached before it can be permanently fixed to the frame.