Thursday 14 February 2013

Web site down ( was down)

Well its about week four now that the web site has been down.
Who is responsable is not clearly known or understood but as of yesterday a payment was made to the host that holds the website and I expect money will sort the issue out, it may be running tomorrow
then again it may not!

For those who want to contact us, try the phone at 27 21 790-3859, its also a fax line, or email at

roy (at) or kits (at) , change that (at) for @  please.

Normal service will be with you quite soon!

I have just tried the link to CKD Boats as posted above, the site now opens and shows

I was able to open the various pages, if anyone out there can do the same and drop me a line to say they can I would like to hear from you.

Go to the Contact Us page on the website, you will then find the link by email.


My thanks to Christiaan, Justin and Alex for confirmation that we are back on line!