Wednesday 21 November 2012

The Hult Healey in Jorgens garage

Whats in your garage may be a good way to start the question? One customer in Sweden has a car I have never even heard of!



Here are some facts about HULT HEALEY : Mr. Svanberg from the little village HULT (!!) in Sweden didn´t want to competition-destroy his original Healey 100 from 1959. He and a friend built a replica for racing based on robust Volvo-technology. Coil-springs and diskbrakes on all wheels, specially manufactured frame in rect.steeltubes.The body (GRP) became 140mm wider because of the axles. This was 1984 and the car became succesful. About 40 was built, I have one of them. No one is like the other ....
My engine is a (homebuilt) compact 2.3L Twin Cam which I pushed back as far as possible in the engine-room, all for god balance.
All weight (900Kg) is placed between the axles. The engine-bottom is from 60´s, the middle from 70´s, and the 16V-head in Aluminium from the 80´s.
The four Carburetors are from the 90´s ! (Mikuni). About 170 Hp + Four Gears + Electric Overdrive make it roll.

Regards from J├Ârgen

Whats next you might ask, I do wonder myself!