Thursday, 22 November 2012

Didi Retro 29 sail boat now cutting

Not quite but about to be and ready for its owner who will build the very first one here in Hout Bay,South Africa, over the next few months.

Check the link to see a 3D view of the hull form.
This design was commissioned by a client who likes the concept and features of theDIDI 26 but wanted a more classic appearance. He plans to build it himself in Hout Bay, South Africa from a kit supplied by CKD Boats.
Most of the boat is the same as the DIDI 26, with some obvious differences. The springy sheer curve was achieved by adding bulwarks that are 100mm (4") high in the bow and taper down to normal toerail height for the length of the cockpit. This gives safety for working the foredeck but allows crew to sit comfortably on the rail at the cockpit.

The cabin has been changed to a more boxy traditional configuration with the sides and ends close to vertical. The roof has compound curves that might mot be easy to skin with plywood, so it will be done with strip cedar glassed over. The cabin is a bit narrower, giving wider sidedecks that on the 26.

Watch this blog for regular updates on setting the building stocks up, then the building of the actual boat itself.

More info on the boat right now can be found here