Saturday, 24 November 2012

Hillman Imp 998cc liners and pistons in South Africa

These may just be the only set in Cape Town ?

Imported by Eric, I took them over for a project I had on.
Now with the engineers for final sorting out of the all alloy Hillman Imp block which suffered from some welding, the block has a slight bend in it and requires a line boring job.

The liners are well made and to a tried and tested Rootes Competitions design.

The liner will fit inside a new bore socket taken down and into the Imp block, the entire
875cc liner being taken away.

Pistons with rings came as part of the set, the rings to the left of the picture are Wills Rings to seal the cylinder head to block with.

Fitted to Imp con rods, make sure you fit the pistons the right way around! Thats the valve cut out to the lower edge of the block when viewed from the rear of the car.