Friday 23 November 2012

Ford Fiesta front brake caliper pot removal

Progress on the 1967 Singer  Chamois ( hillman imp) front disc brake conversion is going well, I just needed to inspect the condition of the inside of the caliper and the pot that does the work against the Ferodo brake pad.  Part number FDB589.

The expert told me to blow the caliper pot out with an airline and to watch my fingers, a block of wood in place stops the pot going too far and too fast?

Note, the braided brake fluid line is none standard, this one is metric on the caliper end and imperial on the Imps Girling brake master cylinder end.
I tried the air line and at 5 bars, thats all of 70 pounds pressure! nothing moved at all.
I then created a brake fluid rig using a spare Hillman Imp foot peddle box and a 0.625 master cylinder, it worked just fine.

With the pot removed I could see the conditon will be good enough to just fit a new set of seals and rubber dust cover.

How easy is that!