Wednesday 19 September 2012

PY 1 ZAK QSL card to Roy and Alan on Ocean Planet

I have posted this before? either way its worth a mention again as I have seen quite a number of emails from others who had the good fortune to visit the island and meet up with Peter at Ilha Grande, south of Rio do Janerio,RJ, Brasil.

We stayed at anchor about where this picture was taken for some days, in the evening we would go ashore and have drinks, as Peter would host us with some local limes and distilled sugar cane spirit, I am sure it was way over proof!

Peter Thurridl owned this beach and the land behind it, the land went quite a long way up a hill where Peter had his radio shack, as a Ham he got much better contacts from up on the hill than low down in his beach cottage. For us back home was Cape Town in South Africa, thats a long trip in a small yacht with no stops. It was not Alan Butler that did the trip with me but Alex Notman (notty) we had a decent trip of 32 days.

Ocean Planet, an Endurance 37 was more or less on the wind for the entire voyage, we had the broard reach that Peter hoped for just once and for a day, then it was back to wind forward of the beam. The boat was later sold and was last seen on a pendant mooring in Ibiza, Spain, no one knew who owned it, even the local Port Captain thought it was my boat as he had found my name in some documents aboard, where is Ocean Planet now I wonder?