Thursday, 20 September 2012

A Hillman Imp disc brake conversion kit

Some mails have been buzzing as to whats in the Imp disc brake kits we import from the suppliers in the UK? a good question and why did we not bother to copy the kit when given permission? I am trying again and to that end I am looking to buy a set of Ford Ka front brake calipers, does anyone have or know where I can find any in South Africa?

Right click the image for a larger view.

The quality was outstanding and everything we need excepting brake fluid was supplied.

Delivery was on a 20kg load, next time we may use local afterparts discs to save weight but even then they need re drilling, so with that labour do we really save money?

Fitting was easy, I later sprayed the grey and brite metal parts with Hammerite gloss black. All nuts and bolts are supplied with the kit.

The special mounting plate when fitted, this is the nearside, check the Imps speedo cable center of the plate and held there by a 3/16 inch  pan headed machine screw.

A dry run on the bench soon prooved that this kit fits.

Now on the car, its was a clean and simple job to fit the kit.

Seen the right way up, note the flexible hose, it has the required UNF and Metric fittings on either end and was a part of the kit.

This kit gave us the best choice in as near as new that we could possibly ask for, only the caliper was refurbished.

Fitted with new Supalite  alloy rims and Yokahama race road tyres and we are ready to go.