Sunday, 16 September 2012

Aerogen 4 wind charger blade fitting, the right and the wrong way.

I was offered a decent but used 24 volt Aerogen 4 wind charger, my need was for a 12 volt supply, so
the old 24 volt stator was changed to a 12 volt one by changing them over.  later the central hub and bearings to the shaft needed changing too. The charger is now about twenty years old, so thats not an issue, more a fact we can still get the parts? I have an as new 24 stator in stock should anyone require one.

Looking new again after being off the boat some while, I fitted new shaft bearings, new blades and new hub alloy plates. Its a pity the blades will not spin too fast even in a 20 knot breeze, why?

The manual is 16 pages long, its well detailed and covers the start to finish assembly process, also a very decent hands on check list if the charger does not give any output.

As the blades are now, they are 180 degrees out, they are facing backwards, why would I fit them this way when they have a marker which is lined up to the alloy hub plates?

Check the pointed marker on the blades and lined up to the alloy back plate.

A close up of the markers on both the white blade and the grey alloy hub rear plate, you can see I got it right?

This is now the front plate and as I had assembled the blades, I had not realised they had markers on the alloy plates, front and rear but why, it makes no sense and leaves a 50/50 margin for incorrect assembly, as I managed to do!

I then had to remove the blade cluster and reset the angles, I released the nuts and bolts and finding the blades sticking, I applied Fluid Film from the spray can, note the red applicator tube, the blades moved easliy then and I could finish the job and without taking the entire assembly apart.

Re mounted and ready to work.

A coating of Fluid Film on the alloy hub and blades will help to extend the life of both.

I once saw a new Aerogen 4 installation on a boat on our marina. Our boats were close enough to be more or less in the same wind system but my blades moved at least three times faster than the new installations blades.

I could see what the problem was and went over to suggest he rotate the blades? The reply was : I have set it like that on purpose so I do not over charge the batteries?

How good its that!


Find the pages on blade installation but remember that this may be a bit misleading, a little like this blog I did some time back.