Friday, 21 September 2012

Patent pending on Roys multi function painting tool

The job is to paint the exterior walls of a house with two coats of Plascons Polvin PVA white exterior coating. The lower half of the building was done first as its the part I can reach. Finding it impossible to reach up to the top of the house walls about seven meters tall, I needed a long reach painters handle and found one being used for another task, pool cleaning.

Check the picture out, the house painting was going fine, well fine on the parts I can reach but what of the second story and those I can not reach? We tried the local Mica hardware and paint store, they had nothing that would match the long reach we required.

Click the picture for a larger view, when the scraper is needed, the paint roller is removed, next will be the addition of  paint brush of course.

I had discussed a ladder and a broom handle extention, Jean had a much better idea, what about the 4 meter long alloy tube handle on the brush she cleans the swim pool with? (this now needs an extention on the extention and we are looking to extend by another 2mtrs, as drawn alloy is normally 6mts long I would just buy that off as a 31mm x 1.5mm thin wall tube next time.)

That we need a twin tool application was clear, we must first scrape of moss and litchen that had grown over the years, that and other bits and bobs, so I then added the scraper with two 40mm long posi drive screws.

Guess what, it works!

How nice is that.


News and more ideas on the same theme have just come in from a blog reader.

I liked your idea of the alu pool handles, especially the extensible ones. I have also used them for so many things incl:

-          Long range brush for removing spiderwebs form high windows. Also connect hose to the end to get the spray up high.

-          A (removable) pole mounted vertically in ground next to swimming pool steps to aid aged parents get out of pool without falling

-          Used with brush to clean boat on waterline

-          Long range boathook for recovering halyards etc in rigging.

-          Flag bearer on marina boat for opening cruise.

-          Emergency antenna mast

And counting!

ustin Phillips

Cape Town