Monday, 17 September 2012

Hillman Imp 998cc block crank line bore

The welded 998cc block became twisted after its last session of welding, If I ever went that route again I would have the block in a tank of water to take the welding heat away, sounds right to me I wonder is it?

The welding heat also distorted the alloy holes were the steel liners drop into, I was able to make them fit using my own method, they are near perfect right now but the lower landing will be lightly dressed to ensure the liners are level and the required 0.002 inch above the top of the block face.

Pictures will enlarge if your right click on them?

The block is not in too bad a shape really, there is a high spot on the center bearing though, just enough to stop the crank from turning as it should, with luck the engineer can remove metal from the bearing cap, then rebore.

Hope so!


August 26th 2013, the news is today that the line bore is complete and the crank turns in the block.
The crank is one of the early Imp type, said to be a better item? it was re ground to plus 10 thou, so still
has lots of life left in it.

Contact me for pricing on this 998cc Mk2 Hillman Imp block and crank in Cape Town, RSA.