Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Hillman Imp front brake disc conversion, fitting from a kit set.

In this case its a 1967 Singer Chamois which has a part Sport Imp 875cc engine but will eventually find itself with a much more powerfull 998cc engine.

This standard bore 875cc engine was rebuilt and is in perfect condition but its coming out one of these days to make way for the larger engine, so this one may be for sale?
Delivery world wide.

An Imp front hub with the mount plate for the caliper fitted, the hex drive plug needs
removal! note the longer wheel studs, also imported and said to be ex a Ford Escort, they are needed to take the Supalite alloy wheels we fitted to the car (still 5mm short really?)

This conversion was imported from its maker in the UK, I am about to (with permission) copy the design as a one off for my own use, thanks Colin!

As fitted on the Imp Sprint car I prepared for a customer.

Fitting is easy, the kit really works and is well thought out. 

Note the new Monte Carlo road springs, marked with a yellow paint stripe, they are stiffer and one inch (25mm) lower than standard road springs, this includes the Imp Sport too.

The car the brakes were made for, the Imp is now back in Scotland where the Rootes (scotland) Car Co, built it.

To be continued