Saturday, 3 March 2012

St Lucia to St Maarten aboard Jacana

The trip on Jacana, a Fortuna 37 by the Family Notman was the extension of the two previous trips Notty had done with Roy on Ocean Planet and Ocean Cloud, both are Endurance 37 yachts. This time Notty takes his wife Sonia and son Dion.

The voyage does a lot more than just go to Brasil, they take in the South Atlantic islands of St Helena, then Asscension Isle before Brasil,after which they sail most of the West Indies island chain. They then head off on another ocean passage and on to the Azores and Spain, with England being a final destination.

This movie is the reason why we do what we do and tend to want to do it more than once!

We can supply it at U$5.00 or R40 localy, payment by Pay-Pal is accepted.

Special offer, if you take the two DVDs the price will be just U$7.50 or R60 to local buyers.


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