Thursday, 1 March 2012

The inside and out of the Cape Henry 21 yacht

Now being built here in Cape Town, we have one of our kits assembled and fast reaching the stages when it will be spray painted.

This is a very large volume boat, check all that space, this boat will have the twin bilge keels to optimise the floor space inside.

We can now offer the base kit as a flat pack of plys, or the options to the rest of the boats materials.

There is a huge double berth forwards, then two singles port and starboard.

This makes the maximum out of the 21 feet of boats length, room for a small stove and a book shelf, a Porta Pottie type loo can also be made to fit.

The cockpit is spacious, there is more space here than on the Compass 47 yacht on the right.

Built up hull and deck units now available to your order.

The Cape Henry 21, its a larger version of the Cape Cutter 19, just 10% longer it is 30% larger volume wise, there is a Cape Charles 32 to the same principal on the drawing board too, this sounds like a great sized cruising boat.


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