Monday, 27 February 2012

Peter Randle boat builder on Nandi at the HBYC marina

Peter Randle,master and commander, knows wood construction boats of any type, including traditional. Peter told me repairs to Nandi after a sudden storm, were easy and he was surprised to find how stong the Didi range of boats were and just how simple they are to fix.

Peter Randle is standing on the boat, he told me that Wyane, the chap working with him has worked on all of the kits we have supplied to Randle Marine for customers orders. The boat in the picture is a Didi 34 and was home assembled by Nick using one of our kits.

Pictures by R McBride using a Canon G11 camera.

I will see Peter later today, he is building another of our CNC wood/epoxy boat kits, it is the Cape Henry 21 this time. We have the birdsmouth mast building jigs for him, they really do make assembly of the eight mast staves really easy.


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