Monday 27 February 2012

Birdsmouth mast making jigs

We developed the jigs with the idea of making mast making more easy, that was prooven to be the case many times over. With the jigs glued up and fastened to a
known straight bench, a great deal of guess work is removed before you even start.

Lined up with a length of fishing line, these will hold the five staves that are laid in place first, the next three staves will then support themselves.

Glued up with our resorcenol, or phenolic glue, the construction becomes very strong.

To get to the round stage a light dressing down with an electric plane is handy but not a must, the finished must always be done by hand and a long jack plane.

For the full sequence of making these masts please view the link below.

This is Mike hand sanding a mast we made for a Wharram Tiki 30

A Cape Cutter 19 on the HBYC marina, we made the mast and boom to this boat.

How hard can this be!


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