Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Hout Bay Yacht Club marina planks

Some years back (many) I promoted the use of our local SA Pine (radiata) as the correct wood to use on our marina walkways. The reasons are simple to understand, any hard wood will be a lot heavier, plus the use of Balau, as was the practice for many years, was an import.

Imported timbers take funds offshore and hardly do much good for our local mills, the change to Karri or Blue Gum (diversicolour) sorted that out but the cost was still higher than pine,as was the weight. 
SA Pine is also plantation grown, Mondi run a quality program and we can be sure the growth cycle is correct.

This is not a fencing grade and bought down to a low price, rather a structural grade that will be strong and give many years of service.

The pine is a quality V5 grade and the same as would be used in building trusses, its been CCA treated and will withstand the weather and sea water. I later changed the dimensions to make the thickness some 3mm  thicker, there is a small rebate on each end, the thicker board will make the planks last many years longer.


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