Saturday, 3 March 2012

Our newest kit offering,the Cape Charles 32' ocean cruiser in a traditional style

January 2016, this design is still not complete, at this time we cannot quote on a kit or the price of the plans.

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This is a design you can build just about all of yourself, traditional means a hands on approach, so large cost savings are made in the do it yourself making of gear and fittings.

This boat is a size we can relate to when we need a boat that will be home to a couple or even a small family,its large enough to sail most places and being traditional in its rig, as low cost as its possible to find, you can make your own mast from a kit we can supply or we can make one complete and ready to raise for you.

Building this boat will be very easy and quite simple, you will be working with mainly flat sheets of plys, so no laminated radius to slow you down, I would expect this boat to be skinned off in a matter of weeks from one of our CNC cut kits.

The layout shown is variable,this is a large volume interior, so you have a lot of space, which in turn gives a lot of options. As with all Dudley Dix designs you will get first class technical drawings, details such as rudder, mast, sails, engine, chain plates, etc all as part of the plans.

 Dudley is known for his quality of design package, plus as a part time  boat builder himself, he knows what works and details this in his drawings.

This boat can now be supplied as a kit which you can have shipped as a flat pack, or as a built up hull and deck structure to any form of completion.

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