Monday, 13 February 2012

World Radio Day is today!

Radios have been a part of my life as far back as I can remember, so lets celebrate today by turning a radio on!

What a great idea,you know radio is far more user friendly than any TV,the radio is in your ears, the TV is in your face.

The Sony receiver based on the ICF-5900 with monaural cassette recorder,
an idea to allow the man in the street to listen to either AM/FM or even Short Wave radio such as the BBC World Service, Voice of America, it could handle marine traffic and Ham radio easy enough.

Bought in the basement of Garlicks store here in Cape Town, I took it back to the Sudan where I was working. The radio was a part of life back in Cape Town after the contract was finished. The Sony ICF5900 eventually sailed with us to Brasil,Tobago,Venezuela, I sold it to a friend in Trinidad before flying back to Cape Town.

An early Icom IC-M700 tranceiver, it is showing a BBC world service frequency.
Note the required call sign,which is licenced to the vessel. We can supply you with similar CNC cut signs to suit your own boat or home.

 A later marine grade SSB radio from Icom Marine.

It was not that many years back when the marine SSB was declared a waste of time. The programs like Sailmail and others have easily prooven this not to be true.

Following a request from the Spanish Radio Academy, on 20 September 2010 Spain proposed that the UNESCO Executive Board include an agenda item on the proclamation of a World Radio Day. UNESCO's Executive Board approved the its provisional agenda for the proclamation of a "World Radio Day" on 29 September 2011.

The board recommended to the UNESCO General Conference that it proclaim a World Radio Day and that this day be celebrated on 13 February, the anniversary of the day the United Nations established United Nations Radio in 1946. It also invited all United Nations Member States, organizations of the United Nations system and other international and regional organizations, professional associations and broadcasting unions, as well as civil society, including non-governmental organizations and individuals, to duly celebrate World Radio Day, in the way that each considers most adequate.

 The board further requested that the Director-General, subject to the final resolution of the General Conference, bring the resolution to the attention of the Secretary-General of the United Nations so that World Radio Day could be endorsed by the General Assembly.. Various radio industry bodies around the world are supporting the initiative by encouraging stations in developed countries to assist those in the developing world.


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