Thursday, 16 February 2012

John Welsford designs

I have just checked Johns web site for info on his Sweet Pea, I then found his blog and this rather nice boat, its his Walkabout.

The boat was built in Scotland and looks quite at home there too.

We can cut at least the frames to this design, plus supply the rest of the materials and build you the masts and spars.

A couple of years ago I had an email from one Osbert Lancaster who lived on the shores of the Forth of Firth in the South East of Scotland. For many of us here in New Zealand that’s a place of ancestral connection, there are an awful lot of us with Scots forefathers, but its also a place that is much colder than we’re used to.

However, it has very long evenings, long periods of calm weather and an incredible coastline dotted with ancient, and I mean many hundreds of years or in some cases over a thousand years old. Its an area that cries out for exploration by a boat small enough to creep in close to the edges of the water as well as tough enough should the weather blow up. This is the edge of the notorious North Sea after all.

John Welsford  find him here.

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