Saturday, 18 February 2012

Stuarts Optimist kit build continues

This Optimist has taken a little longer than others to build, its not that Stuart is a slow worker, its the fact he works overseas and can only work on the project when he comes
back home for a holiday.

Cheaper by the dozen, is that twelve G clamps I count there! Very nice too, that really aids the glue process. If you have no clamps an easy method is the cut a U in a piece of
thick ply offcut, then make a wedge from wood and wedge the laminations together.

Hi Roy,

We are soon to depart SA again for a cold England.

I have had good fun with the Optimist and although I have not made as much progress as I would have hoped, it is not looking too bad and I am having second thoughts about painting it, as there are a few sections that look really good when coated with epoxy.

Please see latest photo attached.

Also, just wondering if you could let me know when the mast will be ready.



Stuarts mast kit is wrapped and ready for his collection today. Hand made, the boom and sprit are from one section of wood, the mast has been laminated from two sections as allowed in the Optimist rules.

The wood is clear oregon pine (douglas fir) the glue is phenolic (recorcenol) which we have packed specially for CKD Boats cc, we sell that along the the AR 600 epoxy.
How hard can that be!

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