Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Gulf Tramp by Angelo Lavranos

The Gulf Tramp could easily be the HBOD (hout bay one design) the size is great, it is seven meters long.

That size will tow behind a reasonable sized car and launch off most slips, the HBYC could keep a half dozen in the new boat park (Lotto assistance) and could be launched with a crane arm of some sort off the harbour wall?

 Lower cost dacron sails need to be a part of the one design rules, as all boats will come from the same kit supplier,they really will be the same size and weight. The mast and boom is a simple alloy section, with normal 316 stainless steel standing rigging we have a low cost format to work from.This is really an L26 in a smaller size?

Our next kit set?  The design is one of Angelo Lavranos, we have asked for a materials list and also the plans fee.

Seven meters is around 23.4 feet, the HBYC has that space for assembly right now (just an idea) other similar sized yacht clubs may also see this size of yacht as a sail training club boat.

I would think this yacht can easily sail with out the outboard?


There is space for sleeping and cooking below,this really is a big little boat. Check the use of white paints in the saloon only,this saves time and money, the rest of the interior is epoxy coated, it may have clear twin pack lacquer on it also?


We may also be able to kit set the boats interior, if this is the case you build in the interior before skinning the hull, then when the hull is plated off and turned, your boat is already there inside.

At seven meters long, its a handy size for a single hander or a parent and a child or two.

Simply a nice sized small yacht!


This boat was beautifully built by Kevin Johnson Boat builders in Devonport, Auckland from cold molded epoxy/ply. The boat was to be a shorthanded (therefore stiff, not requiring crew on the rail) boat for cruising around the Hauraki Gulf. She had to be simple, modern and fun to sail. That she is!







Sail Area (100% TRI + Main) 25 Sqm.
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ge and get more information on this boat.

We now have the boats pricipal materials list and can cost a kit
when required.

We also wanted to know if this design is stiffer than the older L26, the reply from Angelo is below.

I think the existing keel is stiff enough as it is. It is a 400 kg bulb at the bottom of a steel fin weighing 100 kg. Draft 1.6 meters.

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