Monday, 13 February 2012

A Lavranos 57 as a kit

This boat makes sense for all sorts of reasons, one is that wood is cost effective over the option of steel,alloy or grp, it is also a heck of a lot user friendly and a far nicer material to work with.
It also grows on trees. Which in the case of ockume plywood, should be plantation grown and from a renewable resource.

This looks familier to me, having done much the same build myself.

The hull plates are done in four layers of  9mm marine plywood, such a build can move really quickly.

 As a boat kit, why not? we can source the correct materials, CNC the bulkheads, even the boats interior.

Seen here, what a nice boat!

After some discussion with Angelo Lavranos about a possible large boat design for a customer, we received these pictures and the mail below. We can kit set this boat to a large degree quite easy.
Plans and further boat information can be had from Angelo at the addresses below.

 I have another wood 57 ft, Odysseus ( see attached ) which was cold moulded with layers of 9mm ply (cut in half lengthways) which was probably as easy to build as a chine boat. All the bulkheads and (few) station moulds were mylar templates (and therefore easily made into cutfile CNC).
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