Saturday, 18 February 2012

Made by Seb

We supplied a sheet of our white maple bending veneer to Sebastian this week, the type
with a craft paper backer. The reason is he liked the ability to bend to a really tight radius
it will just about bend around a pencil!

The main feature in the picture is named The Hanging Tree, I would guess Nigel CNC shaped that for Seb?
    The Hanging Tree is a fun coat rack that caters for a family sized pile of clothes, including the children. The tree is shipped flat and requires a rubber mallet,screwdriver & a cup of coffee to construct. Their are 16 hanging points. If you live in Cape Town or surrounds, the tree can be delivered assembled
Sebs home page, is a model maker.

We still have stocks in various species, also in the wood on wood veneer sheets,its thinner at 0.6mm thick, we have teak, maple, mahogany, cherry, walnut and a few other species in stock. The next issue will also have a very thin paper core for extra strength, the paper will be invisible.

R Mc B

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