Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Trap End, a meaning?

The term Trap End is a building trade way of saying to a person on a scaffold plank, that your moving into danger and to stop. I have searched Google and as yet not found it and unless I can create the situation myself can not supply a picture.

Imagine a plank is on two scaffold tubes, each plank end should be about 250mm past the scaffold tubes. Lets say that plank is 3 meters long and one end is correctly 250mm past the scaffold tube but the other over shoots the other end by 1 meter. Here we are setting up the trap end, as given a man is safe on the other end, as soon as he continues along the 1 metre over hang, his body weight will cause the plank to fall under his own weight, hence the trap end meaning.

How hard can that be? done that, been there, its real scary!


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