Monday, 20 February 2012

Kit buyer customer back up service

When we supply the kit and related materials, the order rarely stops there, we offer an
information back up when we can.

Guy bought one of our Argie 10 kits, we sent it by road and its just arrived.

The Dixi Dinghy is on the left, the Argie 10 is on the right.
Hi Roy,
Just to confirm that I collected the kit on Friday – am thrilled and can't wait to get started!

Can you advise me or point me in the right direction – a couple of queries:

1 What is the best mix resin to hardener?

2 What do I use the silica for?

3 Where is the best place to get the copper wire?

Many thanks again


Our reply by return email and within the hour:

Thanks for your mail, please send me pictures as you go along.

There is only one mix ratio on the epoxy, you will need a small set of

scales, kitchen types to about 1 or 2 kgs are fine.

100 grams of epoxy AR600 to 30 grams cure agent AH 2338, so 100:30 ratio.

Silica, mix about 50:50 to the micro balloons, the silica stops slumping and makes

the mix easier to form fillets with, add to the mixed epoxy, not before.

Copper wire, I used to buy it as 1.63mm and from a wire retailer, they have stopped

selling it now, you can use Surfix wire and strip the covers off, or just use very small

cable ties?



The Argie 10 under full sail, the boat is nice and strong, its also quite light and one person can normally lift it on to a cars roof rack. The boat rows well and a small 2hp motor works fine too.

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