Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Hout Bay Yacht Club

Some say I have been a HBYC member about thirty three years (33) it may be true? I was there at the old Hout Bay Hotel founders meeting for sure. They had a roundhouse, we met in there, the place was packed, the idea of a yacht club for Hout Bay was asked by the chair ( no seats, we all were standing) the members to be all shouted YES! and so it came to be...................The Hout Bay Yacht Club was founded.

Images for HBYC-report images

  I have just found this link, not at all sure it will open, it is a selection of photos, most seem to be taken by myself, how they got into Google I am not sure.  I think you will need to copy and paste it into Google?

Even Tourist love a Hillman Imp!
Taken out side the Hout Bay Yacht Club

Check out the clubs web site for lots of news 

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