Sunday, 19 February 2012

Figaro V on the HBYC Marina

Seen here owner/skipper ( RYA) Charles, is making good progress of the boats new non slip finish. This is not a fast fix, you need to do your setting out carefully and ensure the area you need to do can be done in one day.

This is a large yacht, at 50 feet long the deck plan pattern needs to be carefully laid out. Then its really just repetition, we can supply the International Paints, the graded teak wood flour, even the special blue masking tape!

This is a nice part of the job, while the paint has dried but not yet fully cured, the masking tape is removed, draw it into the paint edge and not away from it.

Charles, marooned on his own little island, If your not to clever about the planing,you can trap your self to a dead end corner, or a trap end of sorts?

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