Friday, 24 February 2012

The Cape Henry 21, is it sea worthy

This was the question I was asked a day or so back, my reply was I would take the boat coast wise with no fears or worries at all, the boats designer, Dudley Dix was the right person to comment, so I asked him, his reply makes the boat even better! Read it below this picture.

Now available from us as a kit, or from a specialist boat builder here in Cape Town, as a built up hull and deck unit, even a sail away boat.

 A Cape Henry 21, built from plans.

The Cape Henry 21 is a very seaworthy boat, despite its small size. It was not designed for open ocean use, as in ocean crossings but I am sure that it is only a matter of time before someone does cross an ocean on one. You can see the stability graph at  , which shows a range of positive stability better than most boats of this size. It has positive stability to well past a knock-down situation. This is with the centreplate down but even with the plate up it will recover from a knock-down.

The smaller sister, the Cape Cutter 19, has been used for some impressive voyages. One of them has circum-navigated Britain and another did an open water passage from Burma to Singapore. The Cape Henry 21 is an identical concept but has greater safety because of the increased size. I would have no concerns about sailing one around the Cape Peninsula and on the West Coast. You must of course choose your weather, don't do it in a gale from any direction.


Dudley Dix

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 Pictures from the Dix Design web site.

Cumhur Regay built his Cape Henry 21 in Turkey. Here they are sailing at Izmir in the Aegean Sea, looking very pretty.


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