Sunday, 19 February 2012

Jonathan Reids new book, Days of DeJa Vue

Jonathan and I are old freinds and go back to the days when we had our Endurance 37 Ocean Planet moored out in the bay in the club waters of FBYC in Simonstown. The years went by and we lost touch, he made contact with me about six or seven years back, then silence.  Now he pops up once more and has writen a book, I have not read it yet but a HBYC club member and ex commodore, Justin Phillps has, he says it reads very well and is highly recomended!

 Thats a very early SA sail number.
Jonathan built the boat himself, then sailed it to Hawaai, the book is about his life and the happenings along the way.

For more on the book see there is a link to and their shop.

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