Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Introducing the LignoLoc beech wood nailing system for South Africa

This was shown to me just last week, since then I have searched for more information and have been in touch with the manufacturers.

What this is about is a brand new system of nailing wood, plastics also I should think?

The nails are beech wood, compressed and injected with a resin that makes the nails hard enough to drive into materials like wood.

Samples of the system will be supplied and I will soon be able to test it and do demonstrations to producers of wood or plastic materials, roof trusses, recycled plastic like Trex wood polymer come to mind. 

The nails are made of beech wood, compressed with a resin to make them hard, and come in lengths up to 65 mm (2.5 inches). Beech wood was especially chosen as it is indigenous to Austria, where Beck is situated, and because its straight growth gives it the most homogenous cell structure.

Brochures are available, please contact me for your copy or more news on the LignoLoc system.


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