Sunday, 17 September 2017

How many Hillman Imps in South Africa ?

This question has been asked more than a few times and just like in other parts of the World more keep being found as time goes by.

The red car is an Imp Californian, it dates to March 1967. The blue car dates to 1964, when the new owner came to see me last week he thought he had a 1965 car!

That car came from up North and 1000 miles away, it came down by road transport but another Imp up there is being prepared to drive down, when I cannot say.

Two more Imps were discovered last week also, one is a 1967 car and assembled here in the RSA.
It has been dated to 7/07/1967.

The other Imp is a 1968 car, a Super Imp and was assembled in Scotland, UK.
That one was dated to 27/09/1968.

Back to the header question?

I know of at least seventeen Hillman Imps left in South Africa, there could be more?

If you know of Hillman Imps over here please advise me, for sale or not?

There were at least five Hillman Imp race cars, one was last heard of in Durban, another three in  Pretoria, another in Cape Town.

Two in Pretoria are still around, one may be for sale?

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