Tuesday, 19 September 2017

British Seagull 40 plus in for service

It will be more than a service, as once started the restoration tends to start!

This one has many of its original parts, even the petrol tank is mainly undamaged and thats a first.

We have bead blasted the parts clean, the tank, gear box and four bladed propellor will next be repainted.

The gear box was stripped and the drive shaft and housing was cleaned, for a change this one had some oil in it but also chunks of salt that had formed into hard stones.

Dated back to April 1975 we have asked the UK parts supplier we use to send the required parts.

We will convert the jet in the carburetor to one the allows a 25:1 oil to petrol mix, given that the original mix was 10:1 that is a big step towards cleaner emissions.

The owner is based in England, his yacht is a classic ocean racer, so the older British Seagull outboard will look just the part on the yachts tender.

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