Thursday, 21 September 2017

Sadler 26 rudder supply

We were asked to supply a Sadler 26 rudder, this was for a new boat that had never been launched.

There were no plans and the Sadler 26 group in the UK had none either!

This is the okoume marine plywood blank that has been computer profiled to show the required shape.

Shaping the timber blank is done by power planer then hand tools.

The correct phenolic glue was used to do the lamination with, the picture shows the dark brown resin and with the powder cure additive and prior to mixing.

The foil blank is laminated marine plywood which has had the profile cut into it with the CNC machine.

The black paint shows the depth of the cutter more clearly.

We used a Sadler 26 existing rudder as a source of size, made a CNC cut file and shaped the rudder up, it was supplied in International Pains twin pack epoxy primer.

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