Friday, 3 June 2016

Aerogen 4 wind charger for sale

Since sold and will be on a cruising yacht soon.

This item has been used, new bearings have now been fitted. It will be bench tested prior to dispatch.

The Aerogen 4 will put out an easy 20 amps when its windy.

The system is a 12 volt one, a 24 volt stator can be fitted, it is ex stock and would be exchanged for the 12 volt  stator, not sold as part of the offer .

The LVM dump resistor kit is part of the offer.

The 316 polished stainless mounting mast is included in the offer.

The unit is now serviced with two new main shaft sealed type bearings, plus the bench test has shown a good output. 

The manual is included, its some 18 pages of information, one of which shows that you need a volt meter rated to 100 volts, we used 200 volts and saw as many as 120 volts in our test.

Now packed and waiting the first person who wants it .

Each item has been wrapped in its own wrapping.

The price is R8000 which is U$520 (exchange rate controled) the unit is in the Cape Town, South Africa, area.

Postage world wide at what ever that costs?


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