Monday 6 June 2016

Aries Mk5 self steering gear for sale

Now sold and it will be off cruising soon I hope.

This is the last design model that Aries Marine Vane Gears poduced?

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This Aries Mk5 is a little different though as after three South Atlantic Ocean crossings and when the delivery crew on the last trip failed to lubricate the gear once a day, the original alloy gears and nylon bearings required renewing.

The new parts installed were all in stainless steel.

New parts and by then the gears were in stainless steel were imported.

Since refitting the gear has been used once on a local test sail to show some local friends how well the Aries vane gear works.

The mount bracket, tubes and vanes for the water and air control are included.

This is very much a once off offer and at only R25,000 is a very good offer for such a quality self steering gear.

Seen here and on the test sail as mentioned, what you see is what is on offer, the transom extention is included if required?

At U$1675.00 this is too cheap?

Ex Cape Town, South Africa.


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