Thursday 2 June 2016

Perkins 4108 marine diesel for sale

This engine has been taken apart, then from the crank, which was left in the block rebuilt using parts such as new piston rings and a rebuilt cylinder head with new valves fitted.

Even the engines original oil angle information plate was restored.

The engine will be ready to test run once the correct CAV/Lucas diesel fuel fiter housing has been fitted.

With a rebuilt CAV fuel pump, new injector tips and many other parts this engine will continue to give good service.

The imported green paint is similar to the original Perkins paint shade that was on the engine. An etch primer was applied to the bare metal block, most parts of the engine were taken down to bare metal in our blasting cabinet.

The Perkins 4108 is sized 1760cc which is 108 cubic inches, it puts out 50bhp.

The price is R39,995 ex the Cape Town area, at the exchange rate right now this is just U$2630 ?


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