Friday, 14 November 2014

Hillman Imp involved in a Western Cape road side rescue.

This was after the  1971 Hillman Imp, which had been under reconstruction for over a year left our care, the car was quite safe of course but was taken along for the extra ride.

Morne the driver of the rescue two truck is taking his own pictures at the center of the picture.

The owner of the blue Hillman Imp sent me this message from the crash site:

Diverted to distress call near Swellendam. German tourist couple rolled rented brand new Nissan Almera through farmer's fence and into grazing sheep. Both folk in hospital. Deposited wreck at Morne's depot in Swellendam, refuelled, now resume course for Malagas, where he picks up boat/trailer combo for Swellendam, then re-loads the Nissan wreck to deliver to Europcar rental depot at CTN airport tonight. He's covered his salary cost today for sure! Rob.

Pictures supplied by Rob, click on them for a larger view to see more detail.

About to start the rest of the journey.

The blue Hillman Imp did make it to its new home and Rob is doing some minor works prior to some electrical upgrades he fancies.


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