Monday, 17 November 2014

Mirror Dinghy kit woodwork

We are cutting nine sets to a pre placed order, they will be finished tomorrow and we can then get the right time allowance per  each kit?

Click on the picture for a larger image.

That sure is a lot of timber, I wonder what it cost?

One blog viewer counted twenty nine plywood panels?

Now I know and can see a forth day of  cutting to size and doing profiles, I can now understand why a Mirror kit in the UK costs around GBP1000, which is R16,000 which is probably where our kits are going to be priced at.

We are supplying light weight Meranti and Obeche, both being selected for the job.

This was the result of our first CNC cut Mirror Dinghy , which in its self was a world first, as we were the first company since the Mirror started production to CNC cut a Mirror kit set of plywood panels.

The build measured first time!


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